Wed June 28, 2017

noteOkinawa Inc

Hi! Welcome to noteOkinawa Inc. We are an event planning and team building company. We desire to combine the mystery, beauty, and adventure that Okinawa has to offer and share it to the world. We sponser events, seminars, workshops and help set up "team building" activities to bring people and organizations together.

noteOkinawa Inc Mission:

We want everyone to enjoy Okinawa together through ‘team building’ activities and experiences that can only be found on Okinawa. We want to focus on skills that are often found together in both strenuous activities and in the office workplace environment. We hope these activities will help:

  • Build Your Individual Strengths
  • Build Trust and Friendship in yourself and others
  • Build Communication Skills
  • Instill Individual Discipline
  • Develop Active Listening
  • Instill Fitness Discipline
  • Develop Emotional Wellness
  • and most importantly...Have Fun!

Calendar of Events:

Past Events

Sanshin Flyer
iPhone Photography Workshop flyer

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Ishikawa Jungle Relay flyer

27チームが山道を走るレースです。 チームは3人で構成されています(男女混合グループもOKです)。 コースはジャングルの地形で構成されています。 いくつかの登山、不均等な地面での走り、岩場の河川敷などのコースがあります。 タイム制限は6時間です(日本語の用)

Ishikawa Jungle Relay flyer

March 4, 2017 - 27 Teams will vie for the dominance of Mt. Ishikawa. Teams consist of 3 people, (mix gender group okay). Course consist of jungle terrain; which includes some climbing, running on uneven ground, and negotiating rocky riverbeds. The finish line will close after six hours. Registration Deadline is February 26, 2017. Register Today! Space is limited. Click HERE.