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Hi! Welcome to noteOkinawa Inc. We are the only specialize in team building company in Okinawa. We desire to combine the mystery, beauty, and adventure that Okinawa has to offer and share it to the world. We sponser events, seminars, workshops and help set up "team building" activities to bring people and organizations together.

noteOkinawa Inc™ Mission:

We want everyone to enjoy Okinawa together through ‘team building’ activities and experiences that can only be found on Okinawa. We want to focus on skills that are often found together in both strenuous activities and in the office workplace environment. We hope these activities will help:

・Build Your Individual Strengths
・Build Trust and Friendship in yourself and others
・Build Communication Skills
・Instill Individual Discipline
・Develop Active Listening
・Instill Fitness Discipline
・Develop Emotional Wellness
・and most importantly...Have Fun!

Team building program

Team Cooking - the Okinawan way!

Coming to Japan? Learn both Japanese and Okinawan cuisine! This is a team group event that can support 4 groups of 4-5 people. Ingredients and instructions provided. This is a fun way to work as a team and as a reward, you get to enjoy what you make. Other benefits include:

  • Develop team roles/assignments
  • Discover something new about yourself
  • Discover something new about others
  • Build camaraderie among workmates
  • Experience cultural diversity

Lost in Okinawa - Island Treasure Hunt!

Looking for something exotic to do? Go to a small island and conduct a treasure hunt. This is a great summer time activity, though this can be done all year. This is an all day event. Activities include:

・Treasure Hunt/Team Building
・Beach Sporting Activities
・Barbecue Lunch

Sabani Team Sailing Activity

Rediscover an Okinawan maritime tradition. Work together as a team to harness the power of 'sabani sailing'. Teams between 7 to 10 people will work together as a team to navigate amd maneuver way through the ocean. In addition, the event includes:

  • Manuevering Instructions
  • Voice Commands to help coommunicate with each other
  • Sailing/Safety Equipment provided
  • Barbecue Lunch or Bento Box Lunch
  • Team Race (optional)

Okinawa dialog in the Cave

Go into one of many Okinawa's mysterious caves. As a team you have to work together to find hidden treasure. This particulare cave lies in the middle part of Okinawa, in Ginoza Village. Event can support up to 4 teams of 5-7 people. Activity includes:

  • Safety Instructions
  • Clothing attire/Safety Equipment provided
  • Barbecue Lunch or Bento Box Lunch

Shopping Center Scavenger Hunt

Enjoy looking at random stuff? Conduct a scavenger hunt with your team at one of Okinawa's shopping centers. Event that can support up to 8-10 teams of 8-10 people. Benefits of this kind of activity includes:

  • Bringing people together with team role responsibilities
  • Facilitate the communication of ideas
  • Promotes creativity among the group
  • Promotes social interaction with native people

Beach Activity and BBQ

Beach Activities and events from Beach Olympic to Hunt of BBQ ingredients is a great way to start 2018 with team building games on the Okinawan Beach to enjoy.

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Customize Your Team Activity Event

Is there something your team would like to do? Something unique and unusual? If your company or team is looking for something more specific and would like to tailor your events to specific needs, we can scout out the venue for you and let you know what possibilities exist. Please do not hesitate to contact us at info@note-okinawa.com.

Some examples people are searching for:

  • Customize and Design a Treasure Hunt
  • Customize and Design Scavenger Hunt
  • Human Scavenger Hunt (Night-time activity only)
  • Sabani Sailing
  • Team Cooking
  • Camping Adventure
  • Water Trekking/Hiking

Don't see anything here? Let us know what you are looking for!


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    Okinawa Team Building !

    Okinawa Team Building !